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            ZALIM X LOTION

An Ayurvedic Medicine for Skin Diseases


Generally, Ayurveda as a stream of curative science is considered to be a slow but formidable process. Skin ailments like Ringworm, Itches, Scabies, Eczema, Fungal infection between fingers & toes, dermatitis etc. often take more time and continuous usage to get cured completely. Hence, a treatment that keeps the surety and effectiveness of Ayurveda intact without losing on the speed of treatment. Zalim-X Lotion is an Ayurvedic formulation with best of both: Effectiveness and Speed.
As per Urdu literature, the word Zalim (ज़ालिम, ظالم) signifies something that is cruel or acerbic in action. “X” denotes the multiplier effect of something that is already cruel in action while Lotion (लोशन) literally means liquid. As the name so is the action: Zalim-X Lotion is a liquid that provides multiplying effects of being harsh when applied to wounds due to skin diseases. Even though it is excessively harsh on wounds, but being Ayurvedic it neither has any side effect nor does it impact the normal skin and helps eradicating the skin disease from root. It does not stain cloths, dries immediately and leaves no foul odour.

How does it work?
The formation of wound is due to the germination of microbes and formation of germ-culture due to continuous supply of body moisture. If not checked, the impacted region grows rapidly in size which looks ugly, often pains and keeps exuding thick liquid discharge (मवाद). Zalim-X Lotion is applied on the impacted region using a piece of cotton. The first thing it does is to quarantine the impacted region locally from the body moisture. Due to this the drying process of the wound starts quickly.
The next step is to remove the dead or infected skin cells thereby eliminating the fungus and microbes dwelling in that region. This is done clinically by the rich content of Salicylic Acid. Simultaneously, the new skin cells start to replace dead cells.
It leaves no marks behind and one can get fresh skin faster.



Fungal Infection between fingers & toes


Skin Allergy 
दाद – खाज – खुजली
కండువు – గజ్జి– తామర  

Ringworm: Ironically worms don’t case ringworm. Rather, ringworms are caused by the fungi called dermatophytes. The fungus of this kind dwells on the dead cells either in skin, nails or hairs. Ringworms appear like reddish rings like blisters. If not stopped, it spreads in area as the ring gets bigger in size. It has tendency to spread from person to person if things like towels, combs, clothes etc are shared with infected person. Hence, personal hygiene is the first key step to get rid of ringworm.

Steps in treating Ringworm:
1. Stop sharing the personal care items and also use items which act gently on skin, preferably herbal products
2. Before applying Zalim-X Lotion, clean the affected part with lukewarm water and make it dry, gently

3. Apply Zalim-X Lotion on affected part very gently thrice a day using cotton swab

Scabies: Caused due to infestation by itch mite Sarcoptes scabiei, scabies cause severe and frequent itching in the skin and is highly contagious. It gets transmuted sexually also.
Characterized by the red blisters on the skin it can get deteriorated due to continuous itching by hand and can become a wound.

Steps in treating Scabies:
1. Start observing personal (even sexual) hygiene. Ensure that the affected part doesn’t remain moist

2. Apply Zalim-X Lotion on the tips of red blisters of scabies at least twice in a day. Don’t rub the region rather spread gently.

3. Eczema & Dermatitis: The condition of the skin in which it gets inflamed and irritated signifies eczema. With no root identification of the cause of the disorder it is generally caused due to overreaction of body’s immune system with some external agent. Unlike the above to disorders this disease in non-contagious and can be managed by sporadic but regular use of Zalim-X Lotion.

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Chakra Mard (Cassia Tora, चक्र मर्द): A herb whose root, seed and leaf all are of some or the other use. Roots comprise of 1,3,5-trihydroxy-6-7-dimethoxy-2-methylanthroquinone and beta-sitosterol whileSeeds comprise of Naptho-alpha-pyrone-toralactune, chrysophanol, physcion, emodin, rubrofusarin, cchrysophonic acid-9-anthrone and Leaves comprise of Emodin, tricontan-1-0l, stigmasterol, b-sitosteral-b-D-glucoside, freindlen, palmitic, stearic, succinic and d-tartaric acids uridine, quercitrin and isoquercitrin. It treats effectively the skin diseases like ringworm and itching or body scratch and psoriasis. The juice from leaves is used to cure skin ailments, rashes and allergies.

Lobhan Phool (Benzoic Acid, लोभन फूल): It has an unwarranted reputation as germicide. With Carboxylic Acid as main component it is very effective against bacterial and fungal infections like tinea and ringworm.

Salicylic Acid: With its ability to penetrate well the follicle Salicylic Acid acts as a defoliant in Zalim-X Lotion, promoting the faster removal of dead skin cells.


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