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            VAMA CREAM

Discover beautiful and soft skin
beneath every Crack-Burn-Cut-Wound

Vama Cream is an Ayurvedic formulation aimed to prevent the unwanted wear and tear of the skin in different seasons; to provide fast relief to minor household injuries while performing household chores like cutting vegetables – cooking food - repairing an instrument – shaving – playing etc.; and to work as a natural moisturizer to be used throughout the year. Vama Cream makes a protective layer on the affected part which prevents the exposure from dust and other foreign pollutants. Then the high action formula penetrates into the skin to start the curative action. This helps in speedy growth of fresh skin tissues to replace the damaged ones. The ever pleasant fragrance of Sandalwood (Chandan) helps the recovery and acts as protection against further infection. Apart from its curative action, regular use of Vama Cream keeps away the seasonal cracks in hands and feet. It can also be used as daily after bathe cream to keep the skin moist and soft which enhances glow.

Cracked Foot (फटी एड़ियां): Often it is found that due to exposure to cement floor, working in fields, construction related work or due to lack of hygiene of feet they get cracked. Due to the presence of Kokam Butter and Lead Oxide, Vama Cream prevents the feet from damage and at the same time keeps it smooth. Hence, apply Vama Cream after cleansing the feet by water. Apply Vama Cream for 3 – 4 times a day to get immediate relief.

Torn Hands/Legs (फटे हाथ पैर): Skin gets damaged due to exposure to chilly winds in winters or in hilly geographical region. The skin should be protected from being exposed. But, it is seldom possible because of work routine and changed lifestyle. The Kokam Butter and Petroleum Jelly formula in Vama Cream forms a protective layer on skin and prevents from the ill effects of the conditions. To protect the skin, apply Vama Cream 2 – 3 times a day.

Fungal Infection due to Exposure to Chemicals/Hard Water (खारवे): Due to prolonged exposure to water, especially like in paddy fields, fungal infection is found very commonly in fingers, toes or joints of fingers or toes. Also, these body parts don’t get the deserved hygienic care due to which the skin starts to rot/fester; the infected part starts to pain and affects the overall well-being as well. Hence, use Vama Cream to make your skin beautiful and infection free.

Rough Skin (रूखी त्वचा): Due to extreme climatic conditions the necessary body moisture gets lost. Vama Cream is such a cream that retains the body moisture which might get lost in both extreme winters and extreme summers. With Sandalwood (चन्दन) as one of the ingredients the Ayurvedic Vama Cream can be used for cracked lips (फटे होंठ) and even cheeks. Hence, to have soft skin like flowers, use Vama Cream.After Shave: Use Vama Cream as an after shave cream. Its use pacifies the irritation due to shaving. Even, it can be applied on minor cuts due to the wrong use of blade.

Pimples (फोड़े – फुंसी): Regular use of Vama Cream reduces the growth of pimples and relieves the pain, burn and itching due to them.

Minor Cuts (मामूली कटना): If there is any minor cut on the skin due to any injury, immediately use Vama Cream. Use it for 4 – 5 times a day. This would heal the injured part of the body.

Minor Wounds (मामूली घाव): Vama Cream also soothes and works on the wounds. Just remember to wash the wound clean befor ||| pplying Vama Cream. After this Vama Cream would help a fast recovery from the wound.

Minor Burns (मामूली जलना): Due to the exposure to steam, fire or any other hot item there is an unpleasant and painful sensation in the skin of infected part. This not only needs the recovery of the damaged skin cells but it is also important to pacify the sensation. Vama Cream with its moisturizing and nourishing effects first pacifies the burning sensation and due to its antiseptic and absorbing properties starts immediate recovery of the burnt skin cells. Also, it results in speedy growth of the new skin cells.

Cracked Foot
Chapped Skin
Rough Skin
Fungal Infection due to exposure to chemicals/hardwater
Minor Burns
Seasonal Cuts in Palms
Cut during Shave
Minor Wounds etc.

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Kokam Butter (Garcina Indica): It is a very strong healing solution and hence is widely used for skin care purposes. It helps regenerate the worn out skin cells and enhances elasticity and flexibility of the skin wall. It is useful in Cell Oxygenation and make nutrients more readily available for use by skin tissues. It is also a source of Vitamin E – a vital vitamin for healthy skin.
Boric Acid (Tankan Amla): It has very effective results when used as mild antiseptic, especially on yeast and fungal infections. Hence, it shows results when used for mild rashes.
Lead Oxide (Sindur): A very good antiseptic widely used by Indian women to symbolize their marital status.
Zinc Oxide (Jasat Pushp): It finds its mention in Charak Samhita, has very good anti-bacterial properties required for healthy skin. So, it is useful in providing relief in skin irritation. It also has cosmetic properties of absorbing UV radiations thereby preventing damages to skin due to sun burn/exposure and acts as a sunscreen film on the skin.
Divel/Castor Oil (Ricinus Communis): Works as an absorbent and helps other ingredients percolate into the skin easily. It has moisturizing and nourishing effects. It has properties of being disinfectant and hence is perfect as a first aid treatment for the damaged skin cells.
Sandalwood Perfume: Gives a soothing fragrance that is pleasant in use.


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||| The customer feedback is one of the important criteria to evaluate the product utility and impact. Vama Cream is the spearhead among the products of Anju Pharma family and the following words of encouragement reinforce the same: Thanks for introducing Vama Cream. Ms. Rekha Attri ||| I am very satisfied with Vama Cream. It actually works.Ms. Neha Mhaskar ||| My feet used to crack during winters and it used to be painful to walk. But, since I started using Vama Cream I have soft feet all-round the year. Ms. Kumud Makoday, Indore (MP) |||