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            SUGAM CHURNA

Digestive Powder for

Constipation Cure


Constipation is the difficult passage of small amount of hard, dry stools, usually fewer than three times a week. Constipation precipitates with the excessive dehydration of the stool, primarily because of slow movement through the colon for various reasons. A common misconception is that healthy people have one bowel movement per day.

In fact most people pass stools any where from three times per day to three times per week. If stools are soft and pass easily three or more times per week, then one is usually not constipated.

Constipation can be caused by lack of exercise, inadequate fluid intake, poor diet and diet lacking in fiber. Certain drugs e.g. narcotic pain medications, iron, diuretics and certain types of antacids, antispasmodics, anti depressants may cause constipation. Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), Multiple sclerosis, diabetes and thyroid disorders, problem with rectum and colon including colon cancer with obstruction, anal fissures and hemorrhoids may cause constipation. Pregnancy, traveling, aged persons & life style changes may contribute the problem of constipation.

Painful or difficult bowel movements or passing less quantities of hard and dry stool, lower abdominal pain and bloating are the common symptoms in majority of cases with constipation.

Thus a natural and safe solution for the problem of constipation is SUGAM CHURN. It induces smooth bowel habit without causing purgation. There is no electrolyte imbalance and no risk of rebound action. There is no pain or gripping. It is a safe and effective remedy for inducing smooth bowel softening trend in constipation associate with pregnancy, post operative bed ridden patients, Hemorrhoids and fissures cases.


Digestive Powder for

Constipation Cure


1 - 2 Teaspoon with water at bed time.



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