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Derived from essence of Anethum graveolens (Oil Anethi), CloveThymol (2-isopropyl-5-methylphenol),Camphor (C10H160) and Menthol, Panchsudha is an oral medicine that comes in liquid pack as well as handy capsule pack. It is an effective household remedy for day-to-day ailments. Due to its strong and effective formula with no side effects Panchsudha works as first aid and helps in keeping away multiple disorders sprouting from consumption of contaminated water, foul food, exposure to infection and even exertion of over work or travel.


Panchsudha is bactericidal and its unique formula maintains balance of GASES - ACIDS - COUGH in the body, imbalance of which is the root cause of general body ailments. Regular use of Panchsudha secures a person against these imbalances.



Direction Of Use



Colic Pain/ Gastric Trouble

Accumulation of gases in stomach

Take 4-5 Panchsudha drops with warm water OR 1 Panchsudha capsule with half a glass warm water

Instant relief from pain within 10-15 min with subsequent passage of gas resulting to perfection in an hour’s time

Loose Motion; Vomiting

Pain in stomach, tension in limbs, retention of urine

Take 4-5 Panchsudha drops OR Panchsudha capsules with water Keep taking half a glass of water every 15 minutes for an hour

Panchsudha starts its curative measures by preventing water losses and balancing the salts in the body. Patient should feel relieved in 30 min. In case patient doesn’t get relieved repeat the doze every 15 min till an hour.



Acidity, girgling, nausea, giddiness etc

Take 4-5 Panchsudha drops with lukewarm water OR 2 Panchsudha

Panchsudha’s action is as instant as it could be. The patient passes frequent


Capsules With Iukewarm Water

gases for 10-15 min followed by motion. This relaxes the stomach and help patient feel light

Sun Stroke - Travel Sickness

Frequent or continuous exposure to sun/heat or general weakness due to excessive travelling or stomach pain due to travelling through mountainous terrain

Take 10 Panchsudha drops diluted in sugar water OR 2 Panchsudha capsules with sugar solution

Body temperature gets controlled in 30 minutes and any stomach pain gets relieved in 10-15 minutes

Seasonal Fever - Common Cold - Cough

Choked throat, nostrils, uneasiness, shivering, body temperature due to change in climate etc

Take following decoction at thrice a day: 2-3 Panchsudha drops OR 2 Panchsudha capsules along with 15 Tulsi leaves, 7 Black pepper pieces boiled with 250 gm water/td>

Panchsudha assures sure shot relief to ailments within 48 hours and patient starts feeling improvement after 1st doze itself

Asthama Attack(Asthama patients are advised to take mentioned doze before going to bed and post-lunch for 2 weeks. It reduces chances of asthama attack to major extent)

Accumulation of wet and dry cough in throat and bronchial track, irregular breathing, uneasiness, profuse perspiration

Take 2-3 Panchsudha drops OR 1 Panchsudha capsule

Panchsudha makes the Cough gets dissolved quickly helping breathing easy and relieved


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||| I give you my first opinion on your products especially PANCHSUDHA! After taking 1 doze of Panchsudha I reached Delhi without vomiting unlike my journey from Delhi to Gwalior. - - Mr. Adamou Fofana, Burkina Faso (West Africa) |||