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            NARI RASAYAN

General Tonic for Ladies…Naturally!


Ladies, nowadays, are not restricted to homes only rather they work closely with their male counterpart as the bread-earner for the family and in some cases even excel. In addition, the household affairs also take an added toll which not only does demand the physical effort but also mental stress and pressure. To make things worse, the eating habits due to the modern lifestyle don’t help as a supplier of vital nutrients to cater to changed needs of females. This demands a supplement which not only provides the necessary strength to the body to cope up with the stress but at the same time prevents any unwarranted health problem or side effect in the long run.
Anju’s Nari Rasayan is the answer to many a problems of ladies. It is an Ayurvedic formulation that is aimed at addressing following needs of any woman over 15 years of age
-- Provide necessary nutrients and minerals which are absent    due to lack of wholesome meals very fast paced lifestyle or due     to over-dependency on junk food
-- Develop stamina over time to cater to various menstrual     disorders like nausea, backache, depression etc. so that daily      chores can be handled uninterrupted
-- Help curing symptoms of any probable disorder and ensuring      the general well-being
-- To increase health, beauty and glow
-- To prepare the body for pregnancy in future by developing      necessary strength
-- To make the bones strong to prevent the possibility of      OSTEOPOROSIS which generally occurs in ladies after the age      of 40 years.

The micro level analysis shows that the first five of the above mentioned needs can be addressed by focusing on three things:
1. Generation of fresh blood in the body
2. Purification of existing blood to remove impurities of the body
3. ncreasing the haemoglobin level in the blood

The last need is off-course fulfilled only by taking Calcium content in the food, which is generally not available nowadays due to contamination in the food we consume and milk that might not be rich in calcium content.

The highly effective formula of Anju’s Nari Rasayan primarily works to increase generation of fresh blood, purification of blood and increasing the haemoglobin count of the blood cells. The best quality ingredients and the formulation process help combatting the various ailments and keeping up the good health.

Women generally face one or more of these problems during menstruation: significant menstrual pain (dysmenorrhoea), abdominal pain, migraine headaches, depression, emotional sensitivity, feeling bloated, changes in sex drive and nausea. Breast swelling and discomfort caused by premenstrual water retention or hormone fluctuation etc. Regular use of Anju’s Nari Rasayan Capsule increases the combative strength in body to face these disorders. As the formulation is herbal and clean without any side effect Anju’s Nari Rasayan can be used by women even during pregnancy to have a healthy and fit baby.

It is useful in following symptoms:

Help generation of fresh blood in body and increases its        volume
Improves haemoglobin count in blood cells
Helps balancing the losses due to vital mineral loss due to        menstrual discharge
Protects the uterus
Prevents and cures abnormalities of menstrual cycle
Reduces uneasiness due to body heat and pacifies the body
Relaxes hand joints, knee joints and backache
Strengthens reproductive organs
Removes periodic weakness and pain
Provides Sure shot prevention and cure from abnormalities        during menopause like: headache, backache, pain in knees,        calf-pain, tiredness, laziness, feeling of heat in palms and        feet, high blood pressure, obesity etc
Helps regain health and beauty
Strengthens the bones to prevent OSTEOPOROSIS if taken        from early age

1 capsule twice a day with milk or as prescribed by physician:

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Shilajeet (Asphaltum, शिलाजीत): It is used as a great source of following medicinal benefits:

Increase Physical Energy

Improve Stamina

Detoxification of body cells

Remedy for General Sickness

Boost Immune System

Relieves Pain

Anti-Aging Agent

Improves Fertility

Removes Depression

Relaxes Anxiety


Improves Blood Glucose Levels

Banslochan (Bambusa Arundinacea, बंसलोचन): Composed mainly of silica with traces of lime and potash, it has great benefits like cardiac tonic, cooling effect, liver tonic, rejuvenating agent and tonic.
Pippal (Piper, पिप्पल):It has proven benefits for stomach ache and hair tonic etc.
Lodh (Symplocos cochinchinensis, लोध): TIt has great medicinal benefits to bring abnormal menstrual flow back to normalcy. Also, it helps relieving backache, anaemia. In addition to these benefits, it also helps in toning up uterus and vaginal walls, improves digestion thereby increasing red blood cells and haemoglobin.
Loh Bhasm (Iron Calx, लोह भस्म): A rich source of iron for the body, it helps an anaemic patient to generate fresh blood and tones the body
Trivang (त्रिवंग): Rich in Lead, Tin and Zinc it has wide utility to treat cases with gynaecological disorders and diabetics.
Geloy Sat (Tinospora Cordifolia, गेलोय सत): It is useful to cure chronic fever, gouts, vomiting, cardiac debility, skin diseases, anaemia, cough, jaundice, seminal weakness, leprosy etc.
Amla (Phyllanthus emblica, आँवला): A very high Vitamin C content, it helps enhancing immunity, works as antioxidant, reduces inflammation, improves digestion, strengthens liver, regularizes urinary system and relieves menstrual cramping. These are only a few benefits of this great medicinal fruit.


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