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            MEKADO PAIN BALM



With Mentha arvensis (Sat Pudina) and Gandhepure Oil as the basic ingredients Mekado Pain Balm is extremely effective for Cold, Headache, Muscular Pain and Joint Pain. It is easy to use, provides instant relief from pain and as it is absorbed well by the body no mark is left after using it. Gandhepure Oil has pain relieving characteristics which when applied on skin is absorbed and gives instant soothing effect to the affected area. While Sat Pudina helps in bringing down the temperature of the affected area and helps muscles to get soft and flexible thereby bringing down the effect of swelling.
During Common Cold Mekado provides soothing effect if rubbed gently on chest, back and neck. The vapours clear the blocked nostrils which make breathing easy for patient giving her quick relief. Severe Headache cropping up due to various reasons including exertion, excessive travelling, seasonal change, exposure to cold etc could be relieved in minutes by making a very thin layer of Mekado on forehead.
For getting over Muscular and Joint Pains resulting from some accident or injury repeated application of Mekado helps in normalizing the body part and gives instant relief to the affected person on very first application only.

Mekado Pain Balm is helpful in treating following :

Common Cold -- To get relief from common cold,rub Mekado            Pain Balm gemtly on chest & back.
Headache -- To get immediate relief, rub Mekado Pain Balm            on forehead.
Muscular & Joint Pain -- Rub Mekado Pain Balm to get            immediate relief.
Bites -- In case of insect bites i.e. Burr, Tataiya, Honey bee            etc. apply Mekado Pain Balm
to get immediate relief.
Nose Congestion -- Inhale vapour of Mekado Pain Balm for            relief.



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||| "I used Mekado balm and it was very effective. My first experience when I had pain in my left thumb, after getting injury because of playing volleyball, i massaged the balm on it before sleep, next day when i woke up it was total relief for me. then i used it when i was suffering from cold, again I put it on nose and throat and got relief very soonThank you so much for giving me such an effective balm."||| Regards Dhirai Dalal PGDM, Goa Institute of Management