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            ANJU COUGH SYRUP



With increasing pollution, unhealthy breathing conditions and improper lifestyle are making people of almost all age group prone to frequent throat related problems. This demands a formulation that is non-alcoholic (to be consumed by children as well as adults), affordable and something that not only relieves the throat but cures the infection promptly and makes the body resistant against further infection. That is where Anju Cough Syrup serves all the above mentioned purposes. Its consumption doesn’t result in lethargy and laziness. Anju Cough Syrup not only provides relief in cough and cold etc. but also eradicates these infections from root and helps in increasing immunity of the body. It loosens the cough from throat and lungs along with preventing the symptoms of disease. Also, it is extremely effective in clearing the mucous from trachea and lungs, Anju Cough Syrup effectively prevents the infections arising from common cold and cough.

Anju Cough Syrup is helpful in treating following indications:

Severe Headache due to Cough and Cold etc.
Stiffness in nose and throat due to Cough and Cold
Problems in breathing due to prolonged Cough
To loosen and clear the cough accumulated in throat, lungs            and respiratory tract

Breathing problems during viral fever

Due to its Ayurvedic formulation, it is free from any side effect!



Adult: 1 or 2 spoonful; 4 to 6 times a day
Children: ½ to 1 spoonful; 4 to 6 times a day or prescribed            by the physician

Keeping in mind the uses of different kinds of consumers, Anju Cough Syrup is presented in 2 forms:

Cracked Foot

  • 60 ml pack: Suited to individuals and less frequent use, the 60 ml pack is available in PET bottles to make it convenient            to be carried in journey

  • 100 ml pack: Specially positioned as the family pack and to be used in case of prolonged cough, 100 ml pack            serves more spoons

List of Ingrdients >>



EXT. KAKDASINGHI (RHUS SUCCEDENEA or GALLS): As per Ayurvedic recommendations it is effective in checking cough, cold and other infections.

EXT. ADUSA (ADHATODA VASICA LEAVES) : Renowned and trusted herb to control symptoms of Tuberculosis and other throat infections.

EXT. MULETHI (GLYCYRRHIZA GLABARA / LIQUORICE) : Extract of this under shrub is effective in chest infections and clears the blocked trachea and lungs. It provides sweetness to formulation and also acts as preservative.

EXT. TULSI LEAVES (OCIMUM TENUIFLORUM): This has wide ranged usage in throat related problems like dry cough prevalent amongst children, Asthama etc.

EXT. KHARAK FAL (PHOENIX DACTYLIFERA): Helps create a coating of sugar and protein at infected areas

EXT. LAVANG (CLOVES) : TIt eases the unwanted pain and irritation in throat and trachea.

EXT. PIPPERMINT (MENTHA × PIPERITA)): TIt is sooths catarrh of the respiratory tract, lungs, throat.


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