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Who We Are.... Anju Pharmaceuticals

The word ANJU has its origin in different cultures and it means differently in every culture. While in Indian origin it means "An Offering or a Gift", in Latin/Greek it means "Messenger or Angel" and it means "Blessing" in some other culture. We at Anju Pharmaceuticals are committed to manifest above three meanings in their true sense. Having the roots in a country where the average household expenditure on health is still less than $ 10 per year off which around 50% is spent on primary health care it is important to explore the non-conventional preventive and curative solutions which are at least as effective as conventional methods without any side effect and at the same time within the reach of majority of households.


According to The World Bank's 2002 report : ".Irrespective of income class one episode of hospitalization is estimated to account for 58% of per capita of annual expenditure, pushing 2.2% of the population below poverty line...Even more disconcerting is the fact that 40% of those hospitalized had to borrow money or sell off assets." Hence, with the ideology to bridge the gap at the prevention and primary cure stage we target specific areas like skin care, gastric care, pain relief and women health.

Having done a good job in the fields of Ayurvedic and Herbal care in India since more than 20 years we aim to use this 2 decade old learning curve of Providing SAFE, EFFECTIVE and CLEAN Health Solutions to expand our horizons in markets pan India and even abroad.



VISION....Anju Pharmaceuticals


"To demonstrate spirit-of-life in every action by generating inclusive growth avenues for all stakeholders by reaching out to the end customer with effective, affordable and clean solutions through originality of ideas and ethical practices."




Safe as well as highly effective products 

Our products have no side effect.
Capacious warehousing
Competitive pricing 
Traditional methodology of procuring herbs 
"100% Natural!"




Catering to the vast customer needs, we have never compromised on the quality of our products. We follow our own methods to deliver high quality products. Our products cater to all age groups and hence, a lot of care is taken while preparing them.

We ensure that the medicinal plants and herbs are obtained from the reliable vendors. These herbs are procured by our trained workers under the guidance of expert herbologists. The extracts from these plants and herbs are processed in our production unit keeping the purity and hygiene intact.

Our quality inspectors perform in house tests through all our manufacturing process. All our products are prepared under the surveillance of expert inspectors in our manufacturing unit that is clean and has completely hygienic conditions.


Our constant endeavors towards product innovation and reliable products have been the reason behind our wide client base. Our quality products fulfill the demands of the clients in the national and international arena. Higher healing effect and instant relief of our products have helped us to carve a niche for our selves in the global market.


The founding team of 10 members under the leadership of Mr. Navin Jha started marketing the products of an established company in the southern region of India. Accomplishing this task successfully for around 8 years and claiming biggest share in total sales of company and also being aware of the need of customers at the ground level, the top management decided to get a few products developed as per the market requirement.
With this change of direction, the company started getting the customized products from Ahmedabad, Baroda and Udaipur. Again the wheel was reinvented to get the new products like Zalim-X Malam, Mekado Balm, Panchsudha etc. established in the market. After working hard at it there was success by the end of 10 years in the market of Madhya Pradesh, Chhatisgarh, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh the management went a step ahead and took a bold decision of taking the production activity in house. This had a double incentive in terms of improved supervision of quality and reduction in production cost.
Since year 2001, Anju Pharmaceuticals is evolving itself by undertaking manufacturing and marketing of effective - affordable - clean health solutions. The team looks forward to expand its horizon to foreign market in next two years.